Signboard / Signage Print & Installation 广告牌及安装


Signboard / Signage Print & Installation

Artwork Bay Enterprise established in Penang – Malaysian signboard design and signboard maker in Northern Malaysia. Artwork Bay Enterprise not even support for Northern Malaysia but Nationwide. Artwork Bay Enterprise provides full ranges of signboards design services from designing to making, installation to maintenance with quality good signboard design.

Since it was established the firm has maintained its commitment to provide and satisfy the clients need with highest standard of professional services.

Artwork Bay Enterprise is made up of a small dynamic practice to affect the highest professional and consistency in our works. The wide ranges of experience and know how of the principal and team member will assist in the excellence of the project involved.

Our products and services not only suit for various types of sales promotion, all kind of signage, including signage lighting effects, but also suit for grand exhibition and road-show purposes.

We believe that by participating more exhibitions, doing more display and advertisement signage, adopting the innovative designed display systems with high quality printing, it cloud help you promptly to enhance your company impression and reputation with un-expected results.

You can depend on us for RELIABILITY, TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS, PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE & CONVENIENCE at a reasonable price, you can highly consider Artwork Bay Enterprise as your vendor and supplier for all your outdoor and indoor advertising needs.

Make a variety of Signboards design

At Artwork Bay Enterprise, we have wide ranges of signboards such as :

– Light-box / Non Light-box signboards

– LED lighting signboards

– NEON lighting signboards

– 3D Box-up lettering signboards – ( Acrylic , Stainless steel , Metal )

– Zig-Zag signboards

– Restaurant signboards

– Safety signages

– Signboards for retail shop-lots and office buildings

– Other signboards for indoor and outdoor

– Signboards cleaning & repairing




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